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the way they do, are they worth the kind and diplomatic word? nothing to say about our money. money that we don't have? that should make you pissed. you should not regret that. you should be pissed.
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turning to you for a second, i will show a graphic picture. it is on the web tonight.
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he is being carried away by libyan civilians. take a look at this picture. it is disturbing. what should be the response? >> the united states cannot afford to flee under fire. , should send in additional marines to maintain the diplomatic presence. this raises questions of the accountability of government at best at worst it was complex set. for the united states to subsidize the government is of the blast in washington and. >> but we are. we just decided to forgive $1 million of debt that they
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owe us back a policy question with egypt is too big to fail. it has lost more than two-thirds of hard currency reserves. at first it was about economics and corruption. they were caught by surprise like the united states. if we keep subsidizing the egyptian government do we give them free rein? remember egypt's president has not apologized the way the libyan president has. gerri: we have a long way to go. byron,, mitt romney responded to the embassy comment in cairo condemns the continuing efforts of individuals to hurt the religious feelings as
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religious believes is the cornerstone of american democracy. we reject the actions of universal free-speech to hurt others. romney said falling that. >> day clearly send mixed messages to the world with a statement coming from the administration and the embassy was eight statement akin to apology which was a severe miscalculation. gerri: rahm ase said he had no business responding. >> it was a huge after he released a statement and 30:00 p.m. last night condemning the statement coming from cairo. they were expecting trouble but the militant had not
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breached of the ball but then the reaffirmation of the statement after happened. we found president obama said this shows mitt romney has a tendency to shoot first and a letter. he is on the defensive. some republicans are coming to his defense but in saying the united states has a tendency to apologize. gerri: that quote was from "60 minutes." it has not even a rarity at. but we are about to approve $20 million for libya. should we? >> there is talk on the floor we probably shouldn't.
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we seem to have a tendency under this administration the first thing we do is apologize and send money. when you apologize things get worse. we have to be very careful about this. we cannot by friends. they respect strength, the ability to stand behind what you say you will do. the president cut its $1 billion out of defense in keeps sending on missions. gerri: but if you are not getting out the checkbook, what do do? >> governor romney was right. we don't apologize every time something goes wrong and show weakness.
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that opens the opportunity to come after us. president eisenhower said we have to be so strong nobody takes us on. around the world they're not afraid of us, don't respect us, the debt on us then take our money. gerri: do you agree but also how destabilized is the region? libya just elected a prime minister this afternoon but the factions are warring. >> i absolutely agree with this sentiment. if the egyptian and the the it -- living government are deserving of u.s. aid and then everybody who attacked american diplomats face the consequences.
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if they are not willing to do that, they should become predator fodder. more importantly we could pressure the egyptian and libyan government, they are fighting for us. they protected the ambassador against the jihadi faction. egypt is a more problematic case. we should not give them plausible deniability. morrissey became president and needs to be responsible for what comes up in egypt. gerri: this is similar to the arabian hostage crisis. at that time president carter was leading by 30 points. it went away. reagan took a vantage saying
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is this the man to be running hour foreign policy? could this have a similar defect today? >> the hostage crisis left to make carter looking like the impotent powerless president. mitt romney wants to portray obama's as the president not pursuing american and image aggressively. more of the world a message. democrats had a big national security show at the convention. i guess loathsome of bin laden was heard every other word. i don't think just with that kill that mitt romney camp portray obama as like president carter to seven
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thank you for coming on. great conversation. whenever there is trouble in the middle east oil is a concern. latest attack have an impact? the biggest 401(k) manager issues understatement for retirement. what should you be saving? ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no.
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if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ gerri: oil closing down a tenth of a percent today to $97 a barrel. this, despite the tensions we just described to you in the middle east, but is this a let'ing t? gerri: will closes down today. $97 a barrel. despite the tension three just defoscribed is this a tipping point*?nk let's ask phil flynn. always a pleasure. affecting prt
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now. could it? >> it could. this could explode at some point. one thing, gerri, we are better prepared for conflict when it comes to oil than we have probably ever. you know, for months, the market's been preparing for a possible conflict which was really predicated after another embassy attack. iran on british which really created the oil embargo to europe from iran. because of that, countries have been stockpiling oil because they were concerned # about disruption, and so now this time, we're not seeing the price impact as we have in the past. gerri: let's look at the map of the middle east and what the pressure points are here when we talk about this. we talk about the strait of hormuz, a narrow, almost alley that oil has to move through. are there other pressure points, and, you know, when you look at the geography, the countries are right on top of each other. what do you think of it? what's that mean for oil prices? >> well, i think you look at the
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countries that are hot right now, and the problems. first of all, you go to egypt, and egypt is on another important choke point for global shipping, and that is the suez exanl. they move a lot of goods for that area, and if conflict breaks out, that could have a major impact on the global economy. people can't get goods. that can have an impact. libya, if you wheb with gadhafi went down and the impact began, there was a major spike in global prices especially in europe. libya produces a high quality crude replacing declining north sea progs. when that oil came off the market, prices in europe hit an all-time record high. now, of course, because of what we've learned from that situation in the past, europe is better prepared, and it doesn't hurt the global demand not as
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strong as it has been in the past. gerri: how critical, then, is libya and egyptian oil to the markets? >> at this point, not very critical. if you look at global supplies, highest level in some time. demand around the globe is low. in the u.s., a 15-year low for oil demands. it's not that critical right now, but that can change very dramatically because once you take a major player off the market, which libya is not off the market at this point, but if you do, then your spare capacity in the world becomes that much tighter meaning you only need one other problem to go from a supply surplus to a deficit, and that's when prices can really explode. gerri: this is not the region we're as dependent as we've been in the past for oil. the reality is the suppliers of oil are canada and mexico i believe. >> right, right. gerri: at the end of the day, it's not as krill csh critical
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as it's been in the past. >> that's right. if you look at what's happening in the country, for the first time since 1991, we're going to be only dependent on foreign exports for our oil for less than 40%. i think that's our future. we're seeing changing demand, producing oil in this country, and that means we'll be less sensitive to these blowups in the middle east. gerri: phil, thank you for the help today. appreciate it. as you go, i'll tell people just how much gas went up since the president took office. $1.84 a gallon in twine, and today, $3.36 a gallon, a 110% increase. there's the graphic right there. all right. you want to hear this story. drivers in new jersey and pennsylvania are the victims of a stunt. more than 50 luke oil gas stations jacked up prices to more than $8 a gallon. look at the pictures. they say it's a protest against
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the unfair pricing practices of their parent company, luke oil north america. the protest, say say, is a way to let consumers know it's not the stations faults that prices are high. is it your fault the stunt or protest as you call it is costing drivers? i don't want to pay more because you're unhappy with your bosses. find another way to make a point. craziness. all right. up later in the show, a new warning by moody's be the kick in the participants -- pants congress needs? hostagehostile nations asking fr money. should we give it to them? my take after the break. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes!
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gerri: after the deadly attack in libya, should the u.s. cut foreign aid to hostage hostile
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gerri: you know what? it all feels so familiar. this was the scene outside our embassy in cairo yesterday. take a look at this. you have seen these pictures. the people protesting, ripping down the american flag. makes you angry; right? by the evening, thousands standing, cheering, and chanting outside the embassy tearing and ripping the american flag. it's disturbing to watch. then, think of this. i think it's going to remind you of this. 1979 when 52 # americans were taken hostage and held at the american embassy in tehran for 444 days. it gets worse. these pictures of our american ambassador killed when a mob of protesters and gunman stormed the embassy in the eastern
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libyan city in benghazi. most recent events happening on 9/11 and new reporting pointing to the fact these were planned, organized events, not a spontaneous demonstration against a video as placed on the interpret as originally thought. the death of the ambassador and three others spurring renewed calls to end the spigot that pours american tax dollars into the globe's most volatile regions. here's the numbers, your numbers, your tax dollars. number one, israel, $3.1 billion. afghanistan, $2.3 billion. pakistan, $2.1 billion. iraq, $1.7 billion e just a minute dlsh -- egypt $1.6. the obama administration just announced $1 billion in debt forgiveness for egypt, which is seeking a $5 billion imf loan coming from us too. you get the point. the money flows from us to them,
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and make no mistake, the countries ask for the money, take it with one hand and attack us with another. i don't think like some we should be isolationists. we can't hope to be safe within our border and turn our backs. we have to lead, but the checkbook is not the most effective way of doing that. that's what i think. what do you think? here's the question tonight. should we cut off aid to hostile nations? log on to, vote on the right hand side of the screen, and i'll share the results on tonight's show. >> are we headed towards the fiscal cliff or the do-nothing congress get the act together in time to save us. chicago teachers maintain their hard line strike for a third day. will they reach a deal to get them back in the classrooms? we'll look at this and more as the expert weighs in later. also, what most apple fanatics
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have been waiting for. the latest iphone revealed today. we are in san fransisco with all the details on the new and possibly improved smart phone. we're on the case next on the willis report. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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gerri: they are back. a wildly unpopular congress is back in session. movies announcing the possibility of another round in 10 downgraded as a result. what more lawmakers have to say about getting a deal with the american people? >> i'm not confident at all. where is the leadership? >> there is a lack of leadership in this administration. the president should be called upon asked what is his plan.
9:29 pm
i think we have to look at the glass being half full and not half empty all the time. i am confident we will reach some kind of arrangement. gerri: a bipartisan group of senators began today to try to reach an agreement on an emergency mentor to delay this booklet. joining me now is tim huelskamp. it's great to have you here. senator, tell us about this deal you are crafting and how far it will go. >> the deal that you mentioned is in the senate. we have class pastor went to avoid the double dip recession. what has not happened as the sentiment or the president coming up with a plan to deal with the tax clip and sequestration cuts that we believe would have a negative impact on the economy. gerri: this is really a stopgap measure. it would really together we will go down the road. why not have something that is
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real that would help the problem. >> absolutely. in april we have the warning shots in the s&p. three days later state that a downgrade. moody's said if you don't interact together, if you don't have a plan for fiscal responsibility, we could be downgrading you as well. that is another warning shot across the bell. i don't think anything is going to happen before the election. too much politics going on. the house is trying to avoid a tax increase and we are waiting on the senate to act and join us. gerri: that is my next question. if you can't even get the center together on this, this one house of congress here, it doesn't really raise confidence in the overall abilities as congress as a whole to do something. >> i agree. the economy is bad. i think it's getting worse. the small businessmen and women are worried about that sequestration and they have very little confidence in washington and that is why they are not
9:31 pm
investing. despite what is coming out of washington. gerri: i feel like everyone is making the same point and it's not very convincing. i tried before and it didn't work, some burns on my hands. it is frustrating to watch. i think the american people are really tired of congress not getting their act together on one simple thing that they are supposed to do. >> we have to pass a budget and you can't get your act together. no family can balance the budget and less senate passes one. it remains to be seen whether or not the uncertainty of the economy. i think most americans say we are ready to do something different. we can do better in washington. give us a new program, particularly in the senate and we will have an answer. before we have an election and before we have a new congress and president, we have a long way to go and a lot of uncertain
9:32 pm
times ahead, including the single largest tax increase in history, which will take place on december 31. in today's economy, that's not happening in the senate. >> i hope you can get something done. like many people, i'm not very confident. thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: an update to a story that you heard right here on fox business. former mf global chief jon corzine meeting with investigators last to talk about the $1.5 billion that went missing in customer money. charlie gasparino all over the story. here he is here to break it dow. >> i would say that jon corzine is dead in the water. there is not going to be a criminal case. everything that i have been hearing coming out of this,
9:33 pm
there are a lot of justice and commodity futures trading commission, the fcc, saying that the case is civil. that is what is kind of interesting. you're not going to see this. he faces very serious charges. the sec and the cftc's our regulators. the temperature in jail but they can throw you out of the business and find you. i think that is where jon corzine hides his biggest liability is. gerri: how much? >> millions of dollars coming you know why. depending on how much they will come liable. by the way, that is not in the beginning of his legal liabilities in terms of money. he is going to be sued by james didion, the trustee, and he will be soon by a joint sort of attack between the gideons and the plaintiffs lawyers that are already filing suits. he faces millions upon millions
9:34 pm
of civil liabilities. jon corzine is telling his friends that he is not -- he may never start a hedge fund and he's definitely not doing one now. he has made that sort of the ridiculous the surgeon you can create a registered hedge fund by doing that. we should point out that testimony means nothing other than everyone knew that he would get this tax money. the investigations do continue. doubtful criminals, highly likely that he will face something on the civil and the notion that he is just a bad manager. you don't go to jail for being a bad manager. but they have rules and
9:35 pm
regulations about management. i think what is interesting, and i know that you're pressed for time, next month there will be a report by the house financial services committee on this. what they will show is that jon corzine may have been one of wall street's worst managers ever. gerri: my heart goes out to the farmers and customers who lost all their money. that is a big problem. >> it is almost unprecedented. gerri: charlie gasparino, thank you for coming and bringing us this story. meanwhile, chicago kids out of school today. day three of the teachers strike. not close to striking a deal. according to our next guest, these teachers have the shortest school days and biggest paychecks. joining me now is our guest. are these people making too much money? >> the good teachers are not
9:36 pm
making enough money. the bad teachers are making way too much money. when you look at it, they are definitely making too much money. they make about 31% more than similar school systems around the country. i think that is a problem for the taxpayers of the problem because were not warning good performance. >> what i think about is interesting about this story, chicago has a history of your stripes, some as long as 19 days. they have really set a standard for the rest of the country. what is the history of chicago's teacher strikes? >> there have been several strikes over the years. the most recent one being 1987. he reached a settlement after 19 days about when really reforming the system. the reason we have a continuing failure is because this etf is a monopoly provider of education. the teachers union is a monopoly we need to empower parents so they can choose what schools they go to pray they didn't do
9:37 pm
that in 1987, and these are the kinds of things they need that they need to do now. >> it seems to me we have been on strike for three days. kids out of school for three days. are we going to get the teachers back to work? >> i think the mayor is shifting his position. most people believe as the mayor has made it that the striking on noneconomic issues is illegal according to illinois state law. teachers union has been asked to put in writing what their current position is. so far they refuse to do that because they know that they are only supposed to be talking about economic issues. i believe the mayor will hold his feet to the fire for that. he needs to focus on expanding the school day to six hours 45 minutes. he should be calling for legislators to expand charter schools and opportunity scholarships to the money follows the child and the parents get to choose. that would give parents a choice
9:38 pm
of good schools that are public and if they are in a bad neighborhood, they can go to a charter or private school which would create competition and pulled the system accountable. the one we have to start talking about performance. only 60% of chicago students complete high school. that is abysmal. >> it is abysmal. he referred to the strike from 1987. somewhere near a million children who started in the chicago public school between now and 1987 never graduated high school. think of all those lives because the system was not performed over these last 25 years. the last thing this mayor needs to do is cave-in without giving the structural reform that are transformative in nature so that 25 years from now we are not talking about another million kids dropping out of the system. gerri: john tilman, we appreciate your help. >> thank you so much, gerri. gerri: coming up, eight times your current salary.
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according to one group, you're going to have to save that much. and the news that technology nerds have been waiting for. if the iphone five worth all the hype? we are live from the apple headquarters coming up next 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow.
9:42 pm
you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verin. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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gerri: apple is unveiling its brand-new iphone five in san francisco. the tech giant stock rallying at the end of the trading day, closing at nearly 1.5%. on the hype over the device after being slapped for the majority of the day. the iphone five is now the thinnest iphone. it also has a much longer battery life than its predecessor. you can download up to 100 megabits per second. we are asking, is it worth it to get rid of your current mobile phone and get the new iphone? or is it all hype? jennifer jolly joins us now. what do you think? >> i was not only at the unveiling, but i had my hands on the new iphone five. i held it right here in the palm of my hand. it is worth every ounce of the hype. steve jobs said a while back,
9:44 pm
people don't don't know what they want until we show it to them. you don't know what you're missing until you have a device is technologically profound as the iphone five. gerri: only one thing you really like about it. you said it's almost hard to put into words. surely something struck you as important. >> many things struck me as important. this fits exactly in the palm of your hand. i don't know how they made it to fit in my hand, but it does. my thumb is in perfect aspect. the screen is just so much better. i put it next to the iphone for good it looks like you're actually there. the video quality looks almost 3-d. it is so light and when you hold it side by side, it seems like it's half the way. i have heard good things from
9:45 pm
lots of people. but at the end of the day, isn't it true that your phone is only as good as your service provider. so you can have the fanciest phone in the world with every gizmo available. but if you have a lousy provider, you're not in service. >> it's true. one of the things that you need to look at, when you spend as much money as people will and as i will, it is $600 without a contract and 400 web. that is for the biggest, geekiest, most gigabytes of storage and all that. here's one thing you have to consider if you want to use it for a phone. if you want to use it, is only a phone, you might want something else. if you want to use it for video games and music too, it's worth every penny. gerri: i'm hearing that the new operating system, you can actually get it and put it on your old iphone. is that true? >> i haven't heard that yet.
9:46 pm
i haven't done that myself. gerri: what about the plug-ins? people are a little ticked off they made this new plug-in and it's not the same as the old one. if you are an apple aficionado, everything fits together and you have your ipad and your iphone, everything has to plug-in together, and now, not so much. >> exactly coming you will need a new blog. it will come with a new plug and a $30 adapter. we expect that, although again, we need to give that a longer battery life. all of these things are a bit of a trade off. wait until you feel it. it really is that much better. gerri: jennifer, thank you. that was fascinating. i know a lot of people out there, i was in a room of people making the call to their provider to say, one cannot come order the new phone. thank you for coming tonight, we appreciate your time. gerri: still to come is my 2
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cents "two cents more" and the nations largest 401k administrator releasing a set of savings targets for retirement. would you be able to meet the benchmark. we are covering your assets
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gerri: a new report from the census bureau today shows that americans are staying at record high rate of 50% 15% in 2011. that is down only a fraction from 2010. that comes down to more than 46 million people, one in six living in poverty. one of the reasons is a lack of wage growth. the median household income was
9:51 pm
only about $50,000 per year, down 1.5% rated median income is down. now, new study shows that some things will be pretty tough in your golden years as well. new investments guidelines for retirement. are you saving as much as the largest 401k administrator thinks you should. welcome to the show, it's great to see you. the bottom line is that fidelity is saying you should have as much as a times of your final salary saved by the time you retire. if you make $100,000 you should have $800,000 in the bank to retire on. when you make of that number? >> for many of us that's not going to be good of us. the answer is it's a big fat no. in the report -- gerri: wait, brandon, what you mean it's not good enough? and not enough money or recanted their? >> that it's not enough money.
9:52 pm
if that is always all we accumulated, we would run out of money before we die. that's why it's not good enough. gerri: wow. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> i don't think that all americans can get to those numbers are not there is good news that the conversation is continuing. the vast majority of americans underestimate how much they have to accumulate to retire. just talking about it is a good thing. the bad news is that most people would be short. the last thing anybody should do is to use a rule of thumb to try to ensure that they obtain their success. the only way you're going to do that is do your planning based on you and your family and your goals and light. that is the only way you can ensure you get where you want to be. gerri: it's different for everybody. different people have different things they want to do. different life expectancies and etc. you know, i think for so many
9:53 pm
people in an economy like this, when they hear this kind of report, they say it they might not ever save it all. >> i hope not. that's obviously the worst thing anyone can do. time grows money more than anything else. if you haven't started, start tomorrow. even if you sign up into 1% of your income and revisited three months later and try to update. i can ensure you that if you're not saving anything, there's no way that you will succeed. i hope the report spurs people to take a look at are you saving enough of your income. if not, how can you save more. gerri: what is interesting about this is that so many people say to me that i want to save for retirement, but what number am i driving at? i don't have any clue. this is one answer to that question. do you have a better rule of thumb? >> a better rule of thumb is to ask yourself how much income you want in retirement. double it, and adding zero. and if you do it, what you'll find is that you need for more
9:54 pm
money than the eight times of your final earnings that fidelity is promising. to your point, people feel like they can save for retirement. you can do for the inevitable, but if you're unwilling to make hard choices now, when you hit retirement, it will be forced upon you. why not make the hard choice now as opposed to getting blindsided in retirement. you will pay the piper eventually. gerri: brandon, you're the voice of our conscience. thank you for being such a good sport. we will be right back with my "two cents more" and the answer to the question of the day. should we cut off foreign aid to should we cut off foreign aid to people who don't like us? [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit,
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gerri: president obama is going to work with libya's government
9:58 pm
to suggest that we should be working with libya. should we be working with them at all. should be cut off aid to poor nations. denno says considering the fact that we are broke, i would have to say yes. that is logical. abbey writes, yes, absolutely. why would you give them money when they undermine us. it should stop immediately. mike agrees and says that with his 16 trillion-dollar debt, we should cut off all aid to everybody and see if we qualify for any. we also asked on and 90% of you said caught everybody off. only 2% said no. here are some of your e-mails. i'm furious to think the president may get reelected. if he does, he will continue taking away our freedom. how can anybody with any sense want their health decisions made by a board of bureaucrats. vote and get him out. let's give romney a chance to do for us what he did for the
9:59 pm
olympics. the senate is responsible for the tax crisis that is looming. the house is on the job well, but it is the leadership of the senate that will not bring the bills to the floor. i love hearing from you. send me an e-mail at finally tonight, mcdonald's. they said that they will start posting calorie counts across the country next week. this ahead of new rules under obamacare, which will force restaurant chains to do this. the world's largest hamburger change to a healthier menu. mcdonald's will also offer an egg mcmuffin made with an egg white and a whole-grain egg mcmuffin. raise your hands if you go to mcdonald's for a healthy lunch. everyone knows that a big back and french fries has a lot of calories. i would still go there, but not often. even michele obama chows down on the cheeseburger every now and then. everything in moderation.

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Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 9/13/2012